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Department of Physics


The Department of Physics was established as a fully fledged, self-supporting post-graduate and research department in 2012. The Department offers M.Sc. (Physics) and Ph.D. programs. The Department of Physics has been exerting a major thrust in research and innovative teaching.

The academic program of this department has been designed to meet the requirement of the latest technological developments and envisages becoming state-of-the-art department with high quality education and cutting edge interdisciplinary research in Physical Science.

  • Competent and motivated scientific and academic staff members with a favorable age structure.
  • The Young faculty members of the Department are extremely active in research activities, publishing research contents and dedicated for financial projects.


 Mission & Vision:

Department of Physics is fully committed to impart quality education both in theoretical as well as experimental physics with special emphasis on ‘learning by doing’ for socio-economic growth. It includes continuous improvement of the quality of scientific research, the development of innovative curricula and techniques based on research and the latest scientific discoveries, greater international visibility and recognition of the Department, as well as the increasing impact on the development of the economy and society as a whole.

The Department achieves its mission by trying to evenly represent the underlying sub- disciplines of Physics in research and teaching, but also to promote new areas of research, with an emphasis on interdisciplinary and applied research. It also encourages the development of educational Physics through primary and secondary education by participating in the development of the curriculum, developing methodology of Physics education, teaching aids and textbook through lifelong learning programs & training of teachers and particularly through continued work with students who are recognized as extremely talented.


Department of Physics is working on following objectives:

  1. Construct basics of physics curriculum and smooth study plan.
  2. Provide a sophisticated level of education for teaching of undergraduate and graduate studies.
  3. To provide required contribution and support to other departments at AKSU.
  4. Prepare the students in assets of physics and the principles of analytical methods required for the conclusion of physical tests.
  5. Provide an opportunity for students to deepen their knowledge in the branches of physics.
  6. Encouraging the students for the scientific research.
  7. Work in the completion of applied research, basic scientific research, experimental, theoretical and applied.
  8. To contribute to consulting services, training, addressing scientific and industrial problems
  9. Continued development of faculty members by sending them for training courses so as to maintain a high degree of efficiency and performance.
  10. Support and encourage the scientific cooperation between faculty members in the department and cooperation with other departments in the field of multi-purpose research.
  11. Spread the spirit of competition & encouragement and give the opportunity to all members.
  12. Preparation of national cadres by basic physics and knowledge that contribute to community service.


 Courses Offered

Ph.D. (Physics)

Eligibility: M.Sc. in Physics with minimum 55% in post- graduate program.

The faculty members are involved in the R & D activities in the following areas of specialization and also areas of Ph.D. (Full-time & Part-time) program:


  • Conducting Polymers and Polymer Gel Electrolytes
  • Synthesis of Nanomaterials and Polymer Nanocomposite Nanofibres
  • Electrochemical Devices.
  • Surface Characterization tools for Materials such as: XRD, SEM, AFM, FTIR etc.
  • Electrical, Electrochemical and Thermo-mechanical characterizations such as: LCR Bridge, CH-Instruments, DMA etc.
  • Solar Cells
  • Solid State Ionics
  • Spectroscopy
  • Lasers and Applications


  • Non Linear Dynamics
  • Non Linear Optics
  • Theoretical Aspect related to Quantum Mechanics
  • Green function for 1D and 2D boundaries problems and application to de-Broglie problems.
  • Photonics and Optical Fibers for industries.
  • Astronomy & Astrophysics
  • Physics of Photosphere, Ionosphere and Magnetosphere.
  • Cosmology and Space weather
  • Planetary & interplanetary space physics and climatology.


Enrolled Ph.D. Students

S/NName of Students SupervisorSessionTopic
1JITENDRA BAGHELDr. Neelesh Rai2018Development of crystal nanocomposite soaked electron conduction polymer for photovoltaic conversion application
2RAJ KUMAR SHARMADr. O. P. TRIPATHI2018Impact of solar disturbances on geomagnetic field during solar cycle 24
3BEERENDRA KUMAR VISHWAKARMADr. Neelesh Rai2018Extensive studies nano ferrites based polymer electrolytes for solid state device application
4LOVELY RANJTADr. Neelesh Rai2019Studies on nanotubes embedded nano composite polymer electrolyte membrane for various device applications
5RASHMI SHARMADr. O. P. TRIPATHI2019Study of solar and interplanetary parameters and their effects on earth for solar cycle 24 and rising phase of solar cycle 25
  • M.Sc. (Physics)

Eligibility: B.Sc. in PCM/PMCS with 45% or equivalent or Physics as one of the major subject in graduation or B. Tech./B.E. (Electrical Engg./Electronic Engg./Mechanical Engg./Computer Science) can also apply.


  • B.Sc. (Physics)

Eligibility: 12th in PCM/PMCS with 45% 

 Infrastructure/Lab Facility

Physics labs provide the opportunities to the students to learn the concepts of physics by performing experiments. Three basic Labs for different courses have been set up. Physics Lab-I and Physics Lab-II have been established for undergraduate students and one lab for postgraduate students. The experiments are chosen to cover the wide spectrum of Physics viz wave optics, electricity & magnetism, radiations, dielectrics, magnetic materials, semiconductors, optical fibers, laser, properties of matter, thermodynamics, electronics, spectroscopy etc.

Some of the major equipment are listed below:

  • Hall Measurement System.
  • Calorimeter and Copper boiler with thermometer.
  • Half shade polarimeter.
  • Absorption spectrum of iodine vapors by CDS apparatus.
  • Alkali or alkaline spectra using grating spectrometer setup.
  • Newton’s ring and Michelson’s Interferometer.
  • Microscopes and Telescopes
  • Spectrometers
  • Viscosity apparatus
  • Air resonance set up
  • Determination of Planck’s constant setup.
  • Determination of e/m using Thomson’s method setup.
  • Determination of e by Millikan’s method apparatus.
  • Spectra of hydrogen and deuterium (Rydberg constant and ratio of masses of electron to proton) measuring apparatus.
  • B-H curve apparatus of ferro-magnetic material with CRO.
  • G-M Counter.
  • Dielectric Setup.
  • Four probe method setup.
  • Phase Shift Keyed output and also to demodulate the PSK output apparatus.
  • Di-electric constant (Liquid) at high frequency by Lecher wires apparatus.
  • Babinet compensator.
  • Determination of the refractive index of liquid using Spectrometer setup.
  • Determination of Young’s Modulus, modulus of Rigidity and Poisson’s ratio by Searle’s apparatus.
  • Ferroelectric transition in TGS crystal and measurement of Curie temperature apparatus.
  • Determine Stefan constant setup.


Career opportunities in Physics


Physical science provides the job opportunities in various fields such as Scientists, Teachers, Professors, States & Central Government employee, Junior & Senior research fellowships in prestigious research institutes of India and abroad. With the Bachelor of Science degree in Physics or Engineering Physics, students can pursue career in research & development, science, engineering, education, medicine, business, and the military. Current students can take advantage of the many research and internship opportunities available to help prepare them for the career of their choice.


Students in our program have recently completed internship programs at the following companies:



Air Force Research Laboratory

Electroscience Laboratory

General Electric Aviation


Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Lab

Meyer Sound, Inc.



Full Time Employment

Common job titles for physics and engineering physics bachelor's/master’s degree recipients include:

·         Accelerator Operator

·         School/College Physics Teacher

·         Lab Technician

·         Laser Engineer

·         Optical Engineer

·         Research Associate

·         Software Developer

·         Systems Analyst

·         Technical Specialist

·         Web Developer

Research Project:


 Seminars/ Conferences/ Workshops


  • University level central zonal competition of “ANVESHAN-2019” sponsored by AIU during Feb 1-2, 2020.
  • Special lecture on “Formation of Stars and Their Life” by Aakash Narayan, Osmania University, Hyderabad 2018.
  • One day workshop on Skill Development and career counseling by Amit Singh & Brijendra Semwal, New Delhi 2018.
  • Various events/competitions of the students on the occasion of National Science day Celebration on 28 Feb. 2020.
  • An International Webinar on New Research Trends on Functional Physics (NRTFP-2020) during July 1-4, 2020.
  • Mega Technical Fest “SIGMA18” to buildup technical skills in students held in February, 2018.
  • Workshop on “synthesis of Nanomaterials and Nanocomposite” was sponsored by IIT Madras and wetlab championship during 1-2 Ocober, 2019.
  • An interactive workshop on General Science was organized on 10 Jan, 2019. Around 2000 students and faculties participated in the event.
  • Mega Technical Fest “SIGMA17” to buildup technical skills in students in February, 2017.
  • Essay writing, quiz, Rangoli and Poster Presentation competition in February, 2015 for students.
  • National Science day Celebration Program on 27-28 Feb, 2016.

 Industrial Training /Visits:


  • Scientific tour in each semester in renowned Institutions like IISc, IISERs, IITs, NASI etc.
  • Shivani Singh Parihar (Student of M.Sc. Physics, 2ndSem), Presented a Paper in National Conference on Recent Trends in Space Science and Nano Materials (NCRTSSNM-2018) held on 26-27 Jan 2018 at APS University, Rewa (M.P.).
  • Anamika Mishra (Student of M.Sc. Physics, 2ndSem), Presented paper in National Conference on Recent Trends in Space Science and Nano Materials (NCRTSSNM-2018) held on 26-27 Jan 2018 at APS University, Rewa (M.P.).
  • Five students attended a National Workshop on Advanced Research Instrumentation Techniques in Materials Science (Aritms-2018) at St. Aloysius' College, Jabalpur during Jan 2018.




  • The department received Appreciation for the best equipped lab by Expert committee of UGC during University Inspection scheduled in September, 2014.
  • Department of Physics received “Certificate of Excellence” for conducting Zonal Center Program of Wetlab Championship and Shastra Event-2019 sponsored by IIT Madras.
  • Department of Physics received “Certificate of Appreciation” for the best presentation of students in Winter School Program at Dongla Observatory (Ujjain) which was organized by MPCST and coordinated by IIA Bangalore.


Student Desk:

  • A National level scientific fest “SINGULARITY 16”. Students won the Third Prize in the Event “Domino Effect” organized by IISER, Bhopal, from 2-5 Sep. 2016.
  • A National level Technical fest, “Pravega17”: Students won the Second Prize in the Event “Molecular Moral” organized by IISc, Bangalore, from 18-21 Jan 2017.
  • A National-level scientific fest, “SINGULARITY 17”: Students won the Second Prize in the “Domino Effect” and the Third Prize in Shark Tank, organized by IISER, Bhopal, from 13-15 Oct. 2017.
  • A technical fest “SIGMA’17”organized by the students under the guidance of faculty members received great success, 2017.
  • A National level Sport Activities: Kho- Kho, Kabbaddi, Volley ball etc.
  • Selection of students for Inspire Scholarship (2018 and 2019).
  • Pooja Pandey (M.Sc. Student) received the financial assistance (50000 INR) during (2019-2020) by HDFC bank on the basis of her Excellency in academic performance.
  • A National level scientific fest “SINGULARITY 19”: Students won the First Prize in Event “Domino Effect”
  • A National level scientific fest “SINGULARITY19”: Students won the First Prize in Event “Li-Fi”
  • Students were selected by IIT Madras for participation in “SHASTRA Events”
  • Student’s project was selected in central zonal competition of ANVESHAN-2019 and secured third position organized by AIU and held at JLU Bhopal during Feb 5-7, 2020.

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