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Department of Yoga

AKS University, Satna offers courses for master's Degree in Yoga Therapy Program and Personality Development. The University adheres to the highest standards of the Science of Yoga as a specific system. Our institute is fully committed to the advancement of individuals through the practice of Yoga. Yoga system is a complete science for harmonious living which meets the needs of everyone. Being a holistic system, it addresses all aspects of life in the areas of physical health, mental well-being, emotional behavior, and work environment. Awareness is integral and practitioners are encouraged to learn all aspects of their personality through Yoga.


  1. To provide theory, practice, and research exposure to students in Social Work, Human Resource Management, and other allied courses offered by the faculty. 

  2. To provide opportunities for individual growth and development.

  3. To equip the students to assume leadership in civic life and evolve into socially aware and responsible citizens themselves.

  4. To equip students for challenging jobs in social work, human resource management, and other related fields.

  5. To create a Federation of Social Work and Social Service Agencies.


The University focuses equally on Theory, Action Research, and Fieldwork. It is one of the few institutes that have a strong blend of theory and concurrent extensive fieldwork to groom professionals to benefit themselves in dynamic socio-economic milieus and social environments.


Course OfferedDurationEligibility
M.A. Yoga2 YrsGraduation
M.Sc. Yoga2 YrsGraduation in relevant discipline
PG. Diploma of Yoga1 YrsGraduation
Ph.D. in Yoga3 YrsPG in Yoga

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