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Department of Arts

At AKS University, we firmly believe that the arts and humanities play a vital role in shaping individuals and building a compassionate and fair society. Our Department of
Arts is dedicated to providing holistic development opportunities for students.

Literature as a gateway to Self-discovery

In our Department of Arts, literature takes center stage as we recognize its ability to inspire, provoke critical thinking, and foster empathy. By studying English, Political Science, Economics, History, and Computer Application at the UG and PG levels, you will embark on a journey that expands your mind and empowers you to make a difference.

Nurture open minds and compassionate hearts
Our comprehensive arts program is designed to broaden your perspectives and ignite your curiosity. Through engaging coursework and interactive discussions, we aim to
empower you with the knowledge and skills needed to create positive change in society.

Experience the freedom of thought

As Rabindranath Tagore beautifully wrote: "Where the mind is free.." - At AKS University, we strive to create an environment where intellectual freedom flourishes. We encourage you to explore new ideas, challenge conventions, and develop your unique voice.

To empower students and researchers to discover themselves, to open up newer and newer horizons before them, to enrich their existence, and to empower them to advance in life as sensitive, independent, responsible individuals and citizens of India and the world.


Our courses challenge students to excel in demanding but rewarding fields, we offer courses and specialization areas to prepare them for today's competitive world.
Eligibility Criteria: 12th with a minimum of 45% or equivalent exam for UG course. For PG Course any graduate.

S.N. Course offered Duration Eligibility
1 BA (Computer Application) | (Public Administration) 3 Years  12th Pass
2 BA (Fashion Designing) | (English Literature) 3 Years   12th Pass
3 BA (Sociology) | (History) | (Political Science) | (Economic) 3 Years   12th Pass
4 MA in Economics 2 Years   Arts and Humanities or any graduate
7 MA in Political Science 2 Years   Arts and Humanities or any graduate
8 MA in Public Administration 2 Years   Arts and Humanities or any graduate
9 Ph.D. in Economics  3 Years  Post Graduation
10 Ph.D. in Political Science 3 Years  Post Graduation
11 Ph.D. in Public Administration 3 Years Post Graduation


The Department of Arts is performing under the leadership of Dr. Harshvardhan Shrivastav as Dean (Faculty of Social Science and Humanities).

S.N. Name Designation Qualification
1 Dr. Mirza Samiulla Beg Head( I/c) MCA, Ph.D.
2 Mr. Rajeev Bairagi Assist. Prof. MA(Political Science), Ph.D.(Pursuing)
3 Mrs. Prachi Singh Baghel Assist. Prof.

MA(Economics), M. Phil, Ph.D.(Pursuing)

4 Dr. Pushpa Soni Assist. Prof. Ph.D. in Sociology
5 Mr. Gaurav Singh Assist. Prof. MA (History), NET, Ph.D.(Pursuing)
6 Mr. Ashwani Kumar Omre Assist. Prof. MA (Political Science), Ph.D. (Pursuing)


State-of-the-art Infrastructure and Labs
Experience learning like never before with our modern facilities and well-equipped computer labs. Our smart classes provide an immersive educational environment that enhances your learning experience.

Explore the Industry through Practical Training and Visits
At AKS University, we believe in preparing our students for the real world. That's why we provide industrial training and visits to give you firsthand experience of economic
markets. Our fashion design program even includes cloth visits to stay updated with the latest trends.

Cultural Enrichment through Student Visits
We believe in broadening horizons beyond just academics. That's why we organize student visits to historical sites like Kalinjer Fort (U.P.) to deepen your understanding of art and culture. Additionally, we also participate in prestigious events like Mr. Miss &  Mrs. Raipur (C.G.) to showcase our student's talents.


The Department of Arts offers a Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science (BA) program, providing students with skills in computer technology. After completing BA, there are
numerous career opportunities in government and private fields, as well as in IAS, IPS, Banking, Staff Selection Commission, and Teaching.

There are seven career options available after BA.

1. Study Further in your Subject (MA)

A Masters of Arts (MA) is a popular choice for students who are highly interested in a particular subject. MA programs can help students expand their knowledge of a specific domain and gain more advanced options in those sectors. For example, a MA in History can lead to a career in History, while an MA in Economics can lead to an MA in Economics.

2. Become a Manager (MBA)
An MBA program teaches management, administration, and organization, allowing graduates to solve business problems and become competent managers. MBA programs can lead to leadership positions in Business Development, Marketing, Human Resource Management, and Finance.

3. Specialize in Business Analytics
Business analytics focuses on investigating and exploring past business performance to gain insight and make better decisions for the company's future. Students can learn about various technologies, such as Tableau, MS Excel, MySQL, and Python, and apply analytics in Marketing, Human Resources, Supply Chain, and Core Management skills.

4. Become a Data Scientist (Diploma in Data Science)
A BA degree can also lead to a career in data science, which involves using systems, algorithms, and scientific methods to extract insights from unstructured and structured
data. A diploma in Data Science can lead to a job in the tech sector, and students can learn about various technologies such as Kera, MongoDB, Python, MS Excel, Hadoop,
Tableau, and MySQL.

5. Learn Digital Marketing (PG Certification)
Digital marketers help businesses and organizations promote their services online, helping their clients better use online platforms to grow their businesses. A PG course in
digital marketing can teach students about SEM (Search Engine Marketing), Google Ads, HubSpot, WooRank, and Facebook Ad Manager.

6. Enter the Insurance Industry (Certification)

The insurance industry is growing rapidly in India, with an expected $280 billion by 2020. A PG certificate, paid internship, and full-time job opportunities are available for
those interested in the insurance sector.

7. Become a Lawyer (LLB)
A Bachelor of Legislator Law (LLB) is essential for becoming a lawyer in India. With an LLB, students can become legal advisors for institutions and companies, and prepare
for the Judicial Services.


● Fashion Show
● Workshop on Fashion Designing
● Workshop on Hair and Skin Care
● Hand Made Silk Thread Jewelry
● Build Your Career in Robotics & its Application and Winning the World with
● The Role of Yoga for Students' Personality Development and Life Management
● Covid -19 Pandemic and Relief Measures







If you are passionate about arts, and humanities, and making a meaningful impact on society, AKS University's Department of Arts is the perfect place for you. Join our diverse community of scholars who are dedicated to creating a caring, just, and equitable world. Join now to embark on a journey of creativity, exploration, and growth!